Work with us

• XPE Customer Care stands for Customer Intimacy. We know that our contractor is the business card of your enterprise.

• Customer services are getting more and more professionalised and we can look back upon years of experience as well as an elaborate know-how in this segment

• A team of professionals stands ready to serve you and can provide you with the right solution for your specific employee needs.

• XPE Customer Care prefers quality above quantity.

• Every request is something special for us and, exactly because of that, it is treated with the utmost care.

• We use a thorough selection procedure to find the perfect match for your needs.

• Transparency is extremely important to us.

• Using our special Account Management, XPE develops a partnership in which we think together with the customer about the best solution.

• We guarantee a correct and timely ‘Payrolling’ of our contractors, in exchange for optimal motivation and engagement.

• The same way your contractor listens to your customers, we also listen to you!

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